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About us
  • About Us

    The Flattered ethos embraces Scandinavian quality, tradition, and philosophy with the essence of minimalism and craftsmanship. Meticulously designed and unwavering in quality, we create a new realm of luxury for the conscious individual, where form and function unite. Guided by minimalism, we craft enduring products that echo the Scandinavian tradition of timelessness and contribute to reshaping consumption habits.

    Committed to being a responsible, evolving brand, we ignite positive change in ourindustry. Our dedication to enduring products honours craftsmanship and embraces environmentally conscious materials and processes.

    The name Flattered stems from our initial 2013 collection of indoor slippers. Designed in Stockholm and crafted in Italy, Portugal, and Spain, every Flattered creation is an ode to quality, tradition, and timeless artisanship.

  • “Our dedication to enduring products honours craftsmanship and embraces environmentally conscious materials and processes."

Our Story

The company started as a passion project of real life couple Hanna and Gustav. In Scandinavia, it is customary to take your shoes off at the door to avoid bringing snow and mud into the house, but Hanna noticed that while sleek, fashionable indoor slippers had long existed for men, she couldn’t easily find the same for women. She dreamed of something you could wear while relaxing alone and while entertaining guests — or even take with you to a dinner party! So — sustained by the love of timeless design, commitment to high-quality crafted footwear, and a single-minded goal to cater to the needs of the smart, conscious, independent woman, they set out to create Flattered.

Both founders had regular day jobs at the time, so they worked late nights and weekends to actualise their vision. After a while, They found a small family-owned factory outside Porto in Portugal that understood precisely what they were looking for. Finally, after months of hard work, they perfected the indoor ballet flat that has since become our signature —crafted with its perfectly almond-shaped toe and soft woollen insole.

And so, the small indoor ballerina shoe company from Scandinavia transformed into a full-range footwear and bag brand known for its timeless design and commitment to creating beautifully crafted products. A brand that continues to inspire and empower women to be their best selves wherever they go.

“We have succeeded in creating a modern brand in an otherwise quite traditional industry”

  • What was most important to you when you started Flattered?

    Gustav: Hanna had been looking for the perfect ballet flat for the longest time — until she finally decided to create one herself. We both thought it would be a good idea to start with an indoor shoe because they were made mainly for men at the time. We saw that as a missed opportunity.

    Hanna: We wanted to deliver a special experience that looks and feels “flattering” to the foot and the eye. The design language we envisioned was timeless — clean-cut, sustainable styles that last long. It was important to us that wearing Flattered shoes — even with “ordinary” clothes — would make you feel well dressed. Looking confident and sexy doesn’t have to mean donning a pair of stilettos. There’s a fine line between confidence and comfort, and the two play into each other — you look your best when you feel your best.

    What are you most proud of about Flattered?

    Hanna: We have successfully created a modern brand in an otherwise quite traditional industry. To us, modern doesn’t just refer to design sensibility. It’s about quality products manufactured and offered at an honest price to the consumer.

    Gustav: All our products are crafted in Europe, with very high standards in place, but their price point makes them affordable to more than just a niche luxury segment. We mainly sold in upmarket department stores and hotels when we first started. Still, over time, we have worked on building a seamless experience online so our products can reach more people and be more cost-effective for both sides. This seems to be appreciated by our customers worldwide, and we’re happy for the chance to change the footwear industry for the better.

  • What is it like to run a company together and be a couple at the same time?Gustav: As fun as it is challenging! It’s great to share our successes because we know how much hard work went into them. But it’s also nice to have someone to share the inevitable setbacks with.

    Hanna: The most challenging thing, I think, is to distinguish between work and leisure clearly — we try to switch off in the evenings as much as possible. It’s important to look not just at the company’s health in the long term but also at our relationship. And now that we have kids, it’s become even more important!

    What’s the top priority for Flattered going forward?Gustav: We drive development towards a more thoughtful, more customer—friendly, sustainable offer. On one end, we constantly evolve how we communicate and interact with customers to reflect the current landscape. Conversely, we are doing our best to minimise our environmental impact. We must do both. Our industry is part of the problem, so we see it as our responsibility to actively contribute to solving it. Regarding assortment, we see ourselves broadening, and currently, bags are inspiring, fun, and a great complement to our exciting products.

    Hanna: Our initial attention to craftsmanship and detail and the thought about how the product would be used had our clients asking for more from us. Their journey — from when they wake up in the morning to when they board the subway to work or take a cab to an event in the evening — has always been a top priority in our design process, and we remain committed to expanding traditional norms around a woman’s wardrobe.